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Thibault is in charge of the culinary delights, being the qualified one. He decided to pursue a career in patisserie and baking after visiting the local bakery on a school-trip at the tender age of 6.  (It was the smell of freshly baked bread that did it, apparently).  His mission is to create beautiful, luxurious edible treats and art that everyone can enjoy.

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Cari is in charge of the admin side of the business, being a bit of a disaster case in the kitchen (poor Thibault’s handmade chocolate birthday cakes look rather like suspicious mounds of brown…)  Luckily, she’s great at the admin and takes charge of that so Thibault can focus on your cakes and forget the boring stuff.


Gwen’s currently working on her stirring skills, but is not up to industry standard yet.  Neither is she really able to help in the office yet, preferring to draw on walls rather than paper, so her current role is to go to nursery and have a good time.  Her mud pies are getting pretty good now though, so watch this space…

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