French Macaroons

Private Hire

Hire Thibaulit to come to your home or business to share

his plant-based bakery knowledge, or to simply cook some bespoke sweet treats for you and your guests. 

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Pudding Club

for business owners

Book Thibault for a Pudding Club or Afternoon Tea!

He will work with your chefs in creating an unforgettable event for your guests that everyone can enjoy. 


The Pudding Club is a perfect evening experience: design a delicious starter and main, and then Thibault will design and create five (yes, five!) puddings to follow. Make it extra special by working with Thibault in matching the courses to delicious beverages.


Afternoon Tea: design a small platter of savouries, and Thibault will design the rest and create with your team.   Enjoy getting some extra special teas and coffees in, and make it extra special by serving some bubbly!


At Home

for catering

Have you got a party coming up?  Want something extra special for you and your guests? 


Hire Thibault to come and cater for the sweet treats, and ensure each one of you get to spoil your taste buds


for joining in

Thibault can teach you how to make macarons and enjoy eating the results! Or book a couple of days and get the skills to create a spread of desserts for family and friends and special occasions.

Got another idea?  Give us a call and let us tailor a course specially for you!

Consultation & Courses

Thibault offers a pastry consultancy service as well as courses for businesses.  He can work with you and your team for a day and tweak recipes or methods to improve quality and efficiency; or you could book a series of days and he can work with your team to develop a unique dessert menu for your business.