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Traditional French patisserie…with a twist! 

Our plant-based macarons & cakes are made for everyone, you, your loved ones, the important people in your life.  Send, share, relish - voilà!

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We’re Thibault Courtoisier Pâtisserie Verte and we’re a family run business, headed by Cari and Thibault and hindered by Gwen,
the little one.


Using Thibault’s serious patisserie skills and passion (yep, he’s a winner of Bake Off The Professionals 2020)

we’ve designed a whole range of indulgent eco macarons that are cholesterol and cruelty free. From six staple flavours to seasonal specials, we’ve got a macaron for each day of the week.

we’ve kicked out the guilt and hiked up the thrill!

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