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In 2017, Thibault entered the BBC’s Creme de la Creme. 

After gruelling months of designing, practising and competing, he got to the final…only to lose.  He then entered the UK Sugar Championships and created this beautiful creation!  [Picture of sculpture] …only to come second again!  This was a double blow for a perfectionist.

          2020 arrived and Thibault entered Channel 4’s Bake Off The Professionals.  This time it was much harder, as Thibault was no longer a bachelor and had childcare duties as well as full-time work.  Now, there was only half a day, once a week, to practise his craft.  Neither were the nights restful, as Gwen was teething!

          He created cakes, sweets, chocolates and the finest chocolate and sugar sculptures.  A week before the final, he woke Cari up and said, “I’ve got an idea, and it might just win us the Bake Off!”

          And it did.  Here is the winning piece [picture of the Eclaire wedding dress]

          Being a Peaky Blinders fan, he also made this hat.  [Picture of Thibault in hat]. Shame it’d melt on a night out…

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